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Core 3: Data Management Core


Core Director: Mitch Brittnacher

The DMC will support the interpretation of experimental results in the broader context of bacterial genomics to uncover potential sources of antibiotic susceptibility in A. baumannii.

Services Provided

Management of public/private website for GUNK Functional Genomics program

  • Share news, events, publications, and information about the projects and cores
  • Foster collaboration between projects by:
    • Sharing lists of target proteins being studied by each project
    • Disseminating preliminary experimental results
    • Distributing results of bioinformatics predictions and analysis

Hosting of database tools for data integration, access, analysis, and sharing

  • PGAT, a web-based genome analysis and community annotation tool
  • Transposon Mutant Browser
  • PSAT, a tool for investigating sequence homologs among a wide range of bacterial species
  • Database support
    • Custom queries (for example, to find highly conserved genes)

Creation of custom software applications

  • Tn-seq: A pipeline for processing next-generation DNA sequence files (fastq files) generated by Tn-seq methods (transposon-insertion sequencing)
  • Sequencing Utilities
  • Annotation mining

Submission of data to public repositories

  • Submission to SRA
  • Submission to Genbank