Biological Resources

Transposon Mutant Library Browser Web tool to display location and information about the transposon mutants. Search for mutants by gene and add to "shopping cart" to facilitate ordering.
Request CF Isolates Instructions for requesting strains from the following publication:

Susana Matamouros, Hillary S. Hayden, Kyle R. Hager, Mitchell J. Brittnacher, Kristina Lachance,i, Eli J. Weiss, Christopher E. Pope, Anne-Flore Imhaus, Colin P. McNally, Elhanan Borenstein, Lucas R. Hoffman, Samuel I. Miller. Adaptation of commensal proliferating Escherichia coli to the intestinal tract of young children with cystic fibrosis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. In Press.

Web Tools

Prokaryotic Genome Analysis Tool (PGAT) Web-based tool for SNP analysis and gene comparison of closely related bacterial strains
Prokaryotic Sequence homology Analysis Tool (PSAT) Web-based tool for examining sequence homologs and their genomic regions across multiple bacterial genomes

Software Utilities

Genome Sequencing Software Utilities Software utilities for genome sequencing assembly
Tn-seq Software

A pipeline for processing next-generation DNA sequence files (fastq files) generated by Tn-seq methods (transposon-insertion sequencing)